10 Sustainable Gifts for Mother’s Day

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Mothers, they’re all different, but that doesn’t mean getting a Mother’s Day gift should be stressful for them, you, or the environment. Here are 10 Sustainable Gifts for Mother’s Day that everyone can enjoy.

Traditional Gifts

If you’re after a traditional gift, there are lots of great sustainable options available to choose from.

  • Chocolate and other sweet treats are a staple gift. If your mother has a sweet tooth, choose sustainably sourced and fair trade and avoid plastic and non-recyclable wrappers for guilt-free goodies
  • Give a potted plant rather than a bouquet of cut flowers. Cut flowers often come wrapped in plastic that isn’t recyclable – so that will go straight to landfill or an incinerator. Colourful houseplants will reduce plastic waste, help purify the air, and can last much longer than a bouquet will
  • Home Pampering. You can now get bath bombs, scented candles, home fragrances and any number of body care products that don’t compromise on waste and sustainability. A little online search can bring up plenty of sustainable and ethically produced options so that she, you, and the planet can enjoy a relaxing Mother’s Day

Tokens of Appreciation

Tokens of appreciation are a great opportunity to personalise your gift, where a little bit of thought can go a long way.

  • Gifts hampers are perfect for gifting a number of homemade goods or other sustainable items. Customise both the gifts and hamper based on their interests. For the fitness fan – go for a reusable water or infusion bottle. The trendsetter – a stylish tote bag and reusable coffee cup. The garden lover – wildflower seeds for bees or an insect house. They can be dressed with reusable or repurposed materials and the hamper can be reused again and again
  • Then and Now photo. First, find an amusing photo of yourself from when you were a child. Next, try to recreate the photo as closely as possible. Pay attention to details like the background, the clothes you were wearing, and your pose and facial expression. The closer to the original photo the better. If you have siblings, find a group photo and get everyone involved. Print it out and find a nice frame to put both photos in
  • Jewellery. It’s often difficult to trace the sustainability of a piece of jewellery, but you can reduce the environmental impact by buying second-hand or finding a hidden treasure at a local craft market. If you want an unworn piece, look for a responsible seller like those that use salvaged gold and silver from old electronics
  • Clothing and Accessories. The fashion and clothing industry has been guilty of exploiting resources and human rights for decades whilst keeping details hidden from consumers at large. One way you can put a stop to unethical practices and reduce the environmental impact of clothing is buying second-hand. Fashion is cyclical after all. If you want something unworn, find a seller that is actively supporting ethical practices and sustainable processes and not just paying it lip service.

Bigger Treats

Time is precious, as the saying goes. For Mother’s Day make sure that she spends it wisely doing something enjoyable.

  • Spa treatment. Give the gift of relaxation and some professional pampering by booking a few hours at a local spa to get looked after. Or bring the spa treatment to her and book a local professional to make a home visit. Consider the type of treatment, what products are used, and feel free to ask questions if you’re unsure
  • Tickets to a live performance. A great activity to share, Secure good seats to an upcoming music gig, comedy night, or theatre show. If it doesn’t happen to be on Mother’s Day then find a creative way to present the tickets
  • Thank You Meal. You don’t have to be a pro in the kitchen to make a thoughtful and tasty meal. Set some time aside or prep what you can the day before so that you can bring it together with minimal stress. If cooking isn’t for you, try a local restaurant that ticks as many sustainable boxes as you can find; things like using local produce, a seasonal menu and using minimal or no plastic