4 Apps to Rescue Mealtimes and Reduce Food Waste

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Whether you’re rushed at breakfast, working through lunch, or throwing together dinner after a long day, sometimes we don’t have enough time to spend on our meals. This often leads to unfortunately choices that impact our health, wellbeing and wallets. Meanwhile, food waste and the impacts of our food and drink choices are huge. Roughly 1/3 of all food produced in the world ends up going to waste rather than finding a plate. Here are 4 apps that allow you to rescue mealtimes and reduce food waste and the consumption of single-use plastics at the same time.


Harnessing the power of community is at the heart of OLIO‘s ethos. The app, which started development back in 2015 as a Whatsapp group, puts you in touch with neighbours and local shops that have surplus food you can pick up for free. It’s also great if you have your own surplus that you don’t want going to waste. Simply take a picture and post it on the app with a few details and wait for offers to take it off your hands.

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Too Good To Go

Too Good To Go app

Too Good To Go connects you with local restaurants and shops who put together bags of discounted unsold food items. This can include bakeries who bake fresh items every day and restaurants that haven’t sold all the food they have prepared. Bags can contain a mixture of regular and special items so there’s an added surprise element as well.

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Karma app

Similar to Too Good To Go, Karma offers dishes and single items from local food vendors, all at half price. You also can set up notifications for your local area to be the first to know when items become available.

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Refill app

Drinking water helps keep us alert, awake and well. It is also essential for many functions including our memory, appetite regulation and immunity. If you’ve got yourself a reusable water bottle then Refill is the perfect companion. With over 15,000 free refill locations nationwide you can keep yourself topped up and reduce the waste caused by plastic bottles.

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